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Magic: The Gathering – Duels Of The PlanewalkersXBox 360 Cheats

Magic: The Gathering – Duels Of The PlanewalkersXBox 360 Cheats

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Gamerpics:To unlock the Chandra Nalaar Gamerpic, beat Single-Player Campaign mode. To unlock the Jace Beleren Gamerpic, beat all challenges in Single-Player Campaign mode.Unlockable Cards:Unlock the following cards by winning the corresponding numbers of matches with the specified decks:Claws Of Vengeance DeckCARD – MATCHESAngel’s Feather – 2Angel’s Feather – 10Brion Stoutarm – 9Bull Cerodon – 6Cho Manno, Revolutionary – 15Dragon’s Claw – 7Godsire – 14Knight Of The Skyward Eye – 11Pariah – 4Sangrite Surge – 8Sigil B Blessinlessing – 3Sigil Blessing – 12Woolly Thoctar – 1Wrath Of God – 13Wurms Tooth – 5 Cries Of Rage DeckCARD – MATCHESBorderland Behemoth – 7Bramblewood Paragon – 10Bramblewood Paragon – 3Dragon’s Claw – 12Dragon’s Claw – 14Eyes Of Wisent – 17Eyes Of Wisent – 16Hurricane – 6Mirri, Cat Warrior – 5Obsidian Battle-Axe – 11Obsidian Battle-Axe – 1Shock – 2Shock – 9Vengeful Firebrand – 8Vengeful Firebrand – 4Wurm’s Tooth – 13Wurm’s Tooth – 15 Ears Of Elves DeckCARD – MATCHESCoat Of Arms – 12Elvish Champion – 1Elvish Champion – 6Eyeblight’s Ending – 13Immaculate Magistrate – 3Imperious Perfect – 9Jagged-Scar Archers – 8Lys Alana Scarblade – 11Nath Of The Gilt-Leaf – 14Rhys The Exiled – 4Talara’s Battalion – 15Wurm’s Tooth – 7Wurm’s Tooth – 5Wurm’s Tooth – 10Wurm’s Tooth – 2 Eyes Of Shadow deckCARD – MATCHESAscendant Evincar – 13Corrupt – 15Crowd Of Cinders – 8Deathmark – 9Deathmark – 5Demon’s Horn – 1Demon’s Horn – 6Demon’s Horn – 4Demon’s Horn – 3Dread – 16Hollowborn Barghest – 17Mind Shatter – 10Mortivore – 11Nekrataal – 14Plague Wind – 2Royal Assassin – 12Soot Imp – 7 Hands Of Flame DeckCARD – MATCHESBlaze – 7Bloodmark Mentor – 9Cinder Pyromancer – 3Cryoclasm – 6Cryoclasm – 10Dragon’s Claw – 5Dragon’s Claw – 2Dragon’s Claw – 8Dragon’s Claw – 12Furnace Of Rath – 16Hostility – 17Incinerate – 4Kamahl, Pit Fighter – 13Rage Reflection – 14Seismic Assault – 11Shivan Dragon – 1Shivan Hellkite – 15 Mind Of Void DeckCARD – MATCHESAngel’s Feather – 13Angel’s Feather – 11Counterbore – 9Deft Duelist – 5Dispeller’s Capsule – 2Isleback Spawn – 10Jayemdae Tome – 1Kraken’s Eye – 12Kraken’s Eye – 14Traumatize – 8Wall Of Air – 6Wall Of Air – 3Wall Of Swords – 7Wall Of Swords – 4 Relics Of Doom DeckCARD – MATCHESDemon’s Horn – 15Demon’s Horn – 13Eiherium Sculptor – 6Etherium Sculptor – 8Etherium Sculptor – 3Kraken’s Eye – 14Kraken’s Eye – 12Leonin Scmitar – 4Leonin Scmitar – 2Loxodon Warhammer – 11Mater Of Etherium – 5Platinum Angel (most powerfull card in game) – 10Razormane Manticore – 7Sharding Sphinx – 9Tidehollow Strix – 1 Scales Of Fury DeckCARD – MATCHESBlighting – 3Broodmate Dragon – 11Crucible Of Fire – 4Demon’s Horn – 5Dragon Roost – 6Dragon’s Claw – 7Fervor – 13Flameblast Dragon – 1Flameblast Dragon – 14Hellkite Overlord – 15Shivan Dragon – 9Threaten – 8Violent Ultimatum – 12Wurm’s Tooth – 10Wurm’s Tooth – 2 Teeth Of The Predator DeckCARD – MATCHESBlanchwood Armor – 1Blanchwood Armor – 11Elvish Piper – 14Howl Of The Night Pack – 4Karplusan Strider – 12Karplusan Strider – 10Karplusan Strider – 6Loxodon Warhammer – 16Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer – 3Roughshod Mentor – 7Troll Ascetic – 15Troll Ascetic – 9Verdant Force – 13Vigor – 17Wurm’s Tooth – 8Wurm’s Tooth – 5Wurm’s Tooth – 2 Thoughts Of Wind DeckCARD – MATCHESCounterbore – 4Denizen Of The Deep – 16Flashfreeze – 10Flashfreeze – 6Flow Of Ideas – 14Kraken’s Eye – 5Kraken’s Eye – 2Kraken’s Eye – 8Kraken’s Eye – 12Mahamoti Djinn – 1Mind Spring – 11Mind Spring – 17Put Away – 7Thieving Magpie – 13Thieving Magpie – 15Thieving Magpie – 3Thieving Magpie – 9 Wings Of Light DeckCARD – MATCHESAngel’s Feather – 2Angel’s Feather – 12Angel’s Feather – 5Angel’s Feather – 8Angel’s Feather – 13Luminesce – 6Mass Calcify – 15Paladin en-Vec – 10Purity – 17Reya Dawnbringer – 16Serra Angel – 1Serra’s Embrace – 3Skyhunter Skirmisher – 7Soul Warden – 11Spirit Of The Hearth – 14Voice Of All – 4Wrath Of God – 9Challenge section:Use the following tactics:1. Garruk: Play both Angelic Blessing cards on the Skyhunter Skirmisher, then attack with it. 2. Elspeth: Play Threaten on Soul Warden to take it. Put Raging Goblin on the Table. Attack with all. 3. Garruk: Attack with all three Grizzly Bears, then wait for opponent to declare blockers. Then cast all three Giant Growths on a Grizzly Bear that is not being blocked by the 7/10 Wall of Wood. Then, use Elvish Piper’s ability to play Roughshod Mentor. 4. Chandra: Cast Megrim from hand. Cast Ravenous Rats from hand. Attack with all your creatures. 5. Liliana: Cast Elvish Eulogist from hand. This creates one Elf Token (because of Lys Alana Huntsmaster). Cast Eyeblight’s Ending targeting Nightmare. This creates One Elf token. Cast Elvish Warrior. This creates one Elf Token. Use Immaculate Magistrate’s ability on Elven Riders making it 13/13. Attack with Elven Riders which is now unblockable; no flyers (Nightmare) nor walls. 6. Chandra: Use Prodigal Pyromancer’s ability to deal one damage to Chandra. Cast Boomerang targeting Persuasion. Note: Persuasion is attached (enchanting) Prodigal Pyromancer. Cast Persuasion targeting Raging Goblin. Attack with Raging Goblin (Haste, Mountainwalk, 2/2) and Phantom Warrior. 7. Nissa: Cast Terror on Elvish Champion. Attack with everything. Use Flameblast Dragon’s ability on your Sprouting Thrinax. Let x = 3. Your Thrinax dies, you get three new Saproling Tokens, consequently pumping up your attacking Saproling tokens to 6/6 each. Nessa blocks one of your Goblins and is defeated. 8. Liliana: Cast each Incinerate targeting Platinum Angel. Cast Rip-Clan Crasher from hand. Cast Sangrite Surge targeting Knight of the Skyward Eye. Note: If you try to cast Sangrite Surge before casting Rip-Clan Crasher, you might not get a mountain to use Brion’s ability during the Attack phase as the CPU taps your lands randomly. Activate the ability of Knight of the Skyward Eye. Attack with everything except Brion Stoutarm. Liliana will try to kill your Knight with her Royal Assassin. Respond by using Brion’s ability, choose the Knight, and toss the Knight (8/8) at Liliana. Because Liliana can only block one of your other two attacking creatures (1/1 and 2/2), she will sustain at least 1 damage for a total of at least 9 damage. However, for some reason she blocks the 1/1 so you will deal 10 damage instead. Easy cards hint:To unlock cards and build up decks that you may not use quickly, choose Single Player Campaign mode then “Custom Duel”. Select a desired Planeswalker to battle and enter the “Advanced” menu. Set your “Life” to “40” and “Starting Hand Size” to “9”. Set the CPU’s “Life” to “20” and “Starting Hand Size” to “5”. The matches will be very easy to win.”Devastator” and “Life Preserver” achievement hints:Choose the “Hands of Flame” deck after unlocking the card “Dragon’s Claw” and playing the first opponent in Campaign mode, Chandra Nalaar. Once the game begins,? you will have seven cards in your hand. Restart the battle until “Dragon’s Claw” is in your hand. Immediately play it and wait out Chandra Nalaar’s attacks. Defeat her monsters with spells and however else you can defeat them without reducing her life points to 0. Eventually, with her red deck and your red deck, you should get the “Life Preserver” achievement in a matter of a couple rounds. Once you have enough monsters to total 20 or more damage to Chandra Nalaar’s life points, attack. This implies that all of her monsters she summoned earlier have already been defeated. The Mage difficulty setting is recommended.Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKPlaneswalker T-shirt – Unlock all cards for three decks. Magic card deck – Unlock all cards for six decks. “Duel The Dragon” new cards:Each original deck from the original campaign has three new cards that need to be uncovered:Hands Of Flame deckFirst win: Earthquake Second win: Threaten Third win: Razormane Masticore Claws Of Vengeance deckFirst win: Leonin Scimitar Second win: Woolly Thoctar Third win: Wrath of God Wings Of Light deckFirst win: Mass Calcify Second win: Dispeller’s Capsule Third win: Voice of All Teeth Of The Predator deckFirst win: Loxodon Warhammer Second win: Mirri, Cat Warrior Third win: Hurricane Thoughts Of Wind deckFirst win: Bottle Gnomes Second win: Evacuation Third win: Counterbore Eyes Of Shadow deckFirst win: Nekrataal Second win: Onyx Goblet Third win: Megrim Ears Of The Elves deckFirst win: Elvish Piper Second win: Eyes of the Wisent Third win: Talara’s Battalion Scales Of Fury deckFirst win: Wanderer’s Twig Second win: Terminate Third win: Shivan Dragon “Expansion Pack 2″ decks:Use the following tactics:Heart Of Worlds deck (Green/White): Defeat Rhys the Redeemed the second time (Battle 5). Heat Of Battle deck (Mono Red): Defeat Chandra Ablaze the second time (Battle 6). Eons Of Evil deck (Black/Blue/Red): Defeat Sorin Markov the second time (Battle 8). “Expansion Pack 2″ New cards:The following are the three new cards for the eleven previous decks.Claws of Vengeance (Ajani Goldmane – Red/Green/White)Lightning Helix Kor Sanctifiers Titanic Ultimatum Hands of Flame (Chandra Nalaar – Mono Red)Goblin Artillery Claws of Valakut Goblin Cheiftain Wings of Light (Elspeth Tirel – Mono White)Excommunicate Kor Sanctifiers Baneslayer Angel Teeth of the Predator (Garruk Wildspeaker – Mono Green)Primeval Light Bestial Menace Beastmaster Ascension Thoughts of Wind (Jace Beleren – Mono Blue)Into the Roil Divination Sphinx of Lost Truths Eyes of Shadow (Liliana Vess – Mono Black)Hideous End Cunning Lethemancer Xathrid Demon Ears of the Elves (Nissa Revane – Green/Black)Nissa’s Chosen Elvish Eulogist Immaculate Magistrate Scales of Fury (Sarkhan Vol – Red/Green/Black)Beast Hunt Scarland Thrinax Vampiric Dragon Mind of Void (Jace Beleren – Blue/White)Tome Scour Dispel Planar Cleansing Cries of Rage (Sarkhan Vol – Green/Red)Goblin Balloon Brigade Colossal Might Stonebrow, Krosan Hero Relics of Doom (Tezzeret the Seeker – Blue/Black/Artifact)Executioner’s Capsule Font of Mythos Master of Etherium “Expansion Pack 2″ New deck card list:The following new decks are available, with the cards listed in the order they are unlocked.Heat Of Battle (Chandra Ablaze – Mono Red)1. Act of Treason 2. Heat Ray 3. Wall of Fire 4. Inferno Elemental 5. Pyroclasm 6. Quest for Pure Flame 7. Dragon’s Claw 8. Blaze 9. Vicious Shadow 10. Insurrection 11. Magma Rift 12. Dragon’s Claw 13. Torch Slinger 14. Blaze 15. Flame Wave Eons of Evil (Nicol Bolas – Black/Blue/Red)1. Vein Drinker 2. Zombify 3. Countersquall 4. Goblin Outlander 5. Deathbringer Thoctar 6. Undermine 7. Terminate 8. Merfolk Looter 9. Traumatize 10. Rorix Bladewing 11. Act of Treason 12. Zombie Outlander 13. Shadowmage Infiltrator 14. Hidden Horror 15. Nicol Bolas Heart of Worlds (Rhys the Redeemed – Green/White)1. Cliff Threader 2. Marsh Threader 3. Nimbus Wings 4. Frontier Guide 5. Harrow 6. Oran-Rief Recluse 7. Grazing Gladehart 8. Baloth Woodcrasher 9. Windborne Charge 10. Great Sable Stag 11. Divine Verdict 12. Oran-Rief Recluse 13. Recumbent Bliss 14. BalothWoodcrasher 15. Emeria Angel “Expansion Pack 2″ Challenge section:Use the following tactics:Challenge 1: Garruk Wildspeaker1. Play Swamp. 2. Equip Vampire Nighthawk with Blade of the Bloodchief. 3.
Cast Feast of Blood targeting Giant Spider (reach). (4 damage to Garruk
from Sanguine Bond). Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the
Bloodchief. 4. Cast Disfigure on your Ruthless Cullblade or Guul Draz Vampire. Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the Bloodchief. 5.
Cast second Disfigure on your other Ruthless Cullblade or Gull Draz
Vampire. Vampire Nighthawk gets bonus from Blade of the Bloodchief. 6. Attack with the 8/9 flying Vampire Nighthawk. (8 damage from Vampire Nighthawk and 8 damage from Sanguine Bond) Challenge 2: Garruk Wildspeaker1. Cast Selective Memory and select all non-land cards from your library (which are highlighted in yellow). 2. Cast Treasure Hunt. (because all cards in your library are now lands, you will draw your entire library). Maro is now 31/31. 3. Play one Forest. Maro is now 30/30. 4. Cast Primal Frenzy and enchant your Maro. Maro is now 29/29 with trample. 5. Attack with the 29/29 trampling Maro. Garruk blocks with a 17/17 Duskdale Wurm and takes 12 trample damage. Challenge 3: Nicol Bolas1. Play Evolving Wilds from hand and sacrifice it to search for a basic land (Island). 2.
Cast Brainstorm. (You will draw: Polymorph, Threaten, and Akroma, Angel
of Wrath.) Note: Do not select Polymorph nor Excommunicate to put back
on top of your library. 3. Cast Excommunicate targeting Phage the Untouchable. 4.
Cast Polymorph targeting Darksteel Colossus. (Polymorph will cause
Phage to come into play other than from hand and Nicol Bolas will lose
as a result.) Challenge 4: Tezzeret the Seeker1.
End your turn. Tezzeret attacks you with Platinum Angel. On your turn
Lorthos, the Tidemaker (octopus) is revealed and Quest for Ula’s Temple
gets a third counter. You draw Lorthos, the Tidemaker. 2. End your
turn again. Note: Do not put Lorthos in play at end of your turn (press B
to cancel). Tezzeret attacks you with Platinum Angel again. 3. At the end of Tezzeret’s turn put Lorthos into play via the Quest for Ula’s Temple. On your turn you will draw an Island. 4. Play Island. 5. Cast Goliath Sphinx. Tezzeret will respond with Cancel targeting Goliath Sphinx. 6. Respond to Tezzeret’s Cancel with Unsummon targeting Platinum Angel. 7. Attack with Lorthos, the Tidemaker. (8 damage to Tezzeret the Seeker.) Challenge 5: Sarkhan Vol1. Cast Eladamri’s Call and select Plated Geopede. 2. Put Plated Geopede into play using Elvish Piper’s ability. 3.
Cast Harrow (note: sacrifice any Tapped land) and select Forest and
Forest. Khalni Heart Expedition gets two counters and Plated Geopede
gets Landfall bonus twice. 4. Cast second Harrow (again sacrifice a
Tapped land). Select Mountain and any other basic land. Khalni Heart
Expedition gets two more counters and Plated Geopede gets Landfall bonus
twice again. 5. Sacrifice Khalni Heart Expedition and select any
two basic lands. Plated Geopede gets Landfall bonus twice again and now
is 13/13. 6. Cast Fling. Target Sarkhan Vol with Fling. Select the
13/13 Plated Geopede to sacrifice to Fling. Sarkhan Vol takes 13 damage.Unlockable “Expansion Pack 3″ cards:Use the indicated decks to unlock the following cards by winning the corresponding number of matches:Master Of Shadows cardsCARD – MATCHESAnowon, the Ruin Sage – 15Arrogant Bloodlord – 11Bloodghast – 7Corrupt – 12Demon’s Horn – 2Disentomb – 9Guul Draz Vampire – 5Guul Draz Vampire – 10Hideous End – 8Malakir Bloodwitch – 4Malakir Bloodwitch – 14Sanguine Bond – 3Tendrils of Corruption – 1Vampire Nighthawk – 6Vampire Nighthawk – 13Root Of The Firemind cardsCARD – MATCHESBladetusk Boar – 1Deprive – 10Dragon’s Claw – 2Evacuation – 7Flame Slash – 4Gelectrode – 8Into the Roil – 13Kraken’s Eye – 6Lava Axe – 11Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind – 16Shivan Dragon – 9Sky Ruin Drake – 5Sleep – 14Surrakar Spellblade – 12Wheel of Fortune – 15?ther Figment – 3Weapons Of The Warrior cardsCARD – MATCHESAngel’s Feather – 11Angel’s Feather – 2Conqueror’s Pledge – 12Excommunicate – 5Guard Duty – 3Kor Duelist – 1Kor Hookmaster – 6Kor Skyfisher – 9Loxodon Warhammer – 14Makindi Griffin – 4Martial Coup – 15Ogre’s Cleaver – 10Pennon Blade – 8Stoneforge Mystic – 7Windborne Charge – 13″Expansion 3″ Challenges:Complete the following tasks by performing the corresponding tasks: Challenge 1 (Sorin)First, play White Knight. Then remove two counters from Triskelion and attack Child Of Night. Next, put the two Artifacts on Kor Duelist. Then, enter the attack phase and attack with all creatures. When they block you, freeze the timer and use Triskelion’s last counter on Sorin.Challenge 2 (Chandra)First, play FireShrieker, then equip to Hissing Iguanar. Then, attack with all creatures and choose Chandra both times.Challenge 3 (Jace)Play card in hand, then attack. with all creatures. Wait for him to block, then sacrifice Bile Urchen and target Jace. Then, select the four cards that appear. Once they hit the table, freeze time and sacrifice both Children Of Korlis. You will then draw Necromancers Covenant. Play this card on yourself. This will give you more life than Jace. Watch your life carefully. The moment your life is more than his, freeze time and sacrifice both Evolving Wilds.Challenge 4 (Ajani)First, use your Hounds to sacrifice all the creatures in your hand. Then, play your Exhume card to pull out your Anarchist. Next, select Patriarch’s Bidding and play it. Select Beast then select Ajani twice (does 4 damage x2). Then, use Ravenous Baloth’s ability on Realm Razor. Attack with all creatures. When he blocks, freeze time and use Baloth’s ability to sacrifice both of your Fire Beast.Challenge 5 (Sorin)First , play Hurricane. Only tap two mana. Next, play Dragons Claw, then play Act Of Treason and take his Abyssal Persecutor and attack.New “Expansion 3″ cards:The following is a list of the three new cards for each of the eleven previous decks:Claws of Vengeance (Green/White/Red – Ajani Goldmane)Ajani’s MantraLightning HelixMomentous FallHands of Flame (Mono Red – Chandra Nalaar)Lightning BoltChandra’s OutrageConquering ManticoreWings of Light (Mono White – Elspeth Tirel)Shepherd of the LostHarmelss AssaultLuminarch AscensionTeeth of the Predator (Mono Green – Garruk Wildspeaker)Leatherback BalothGarruk’s CompanionKalonian BehemothThoughts of Wind (Mono Blue – Jace Beleren)Summoner’s BaneJace’s ErasureSphinx of MagosiEyes of Shadow (Mono Black – Liliana Vess)Escaped NullLiliana’s SpecterPestilence DemonEars of the Elves (Green/Black – Nissa Revane)Wildheart InvokerVendettaDrove of ElvesScales of Fury (Green/Red – Sarkhan Vol)Madrush CyclopsKarrthus, Tyrant of JundSprouting ThrinaxMind of Void (Blue/White – Jace Beleren)Solemn OfferingJace’s ErasureAbsorbCries of Rage (Green/Red – Sarkhan Vol)Hungry SprigganShatterskull GiantMeteor StormRelics of Doom (Black/Blue – Tezzeret the Seeker)Executioner’s CapsuleTinkerTriskelionHeat Of Battle (Mono Red – Chandra Ablaze)Flame SlashChandra’s OutrageFlame WaveEons of Evil (Black/Blue/Red – Nicol Bolas)Beacon of UnrestRorix BladewingArtisan of KozilekHeart of Worlds (Green/White – Rhys the Redeemed)Steppe LynxStream of LifeRampaging Baloths Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKThe Spark (20 points) – Win a game.Life Preserver (10 points) – Increase your life total to 30 or more in single player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant.Magic – The Puzzling (10 points) – Complete a challenge.Devastator (10 points) – Deal 20 combat damage to a player in a single turn in a game.Defender of Foriys (20 points) – Win a Two-Headed Giant game.Spellslinger (0 points) – Defeat someone who has earned the Spellslinger achievement.Duelist (10 points) – Win 5 ranked Xbox Live matches.Epic Conclusion (40 points) – Defeat Tezzeret in the final single-player campaign battle.Puzzling Master (20 points) – Complete all challenges.Master of Artifice (10 points) – Defeat Tezzeret

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