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Guitar Hero 5 XBox 360 Cheats

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Cheat Codes:At the cheats menu, enter the following codes using the guitar controller to activate the corresponding cheats:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEAll characters – BLUE, BLUE, GREEN, GREEN, RED, GREEN, RED, YELLOWAlways Slide – GREEN, GREEN, RED, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, YELLOW, BLUEAuto kick – YELLOW, GREEN, RED, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, REDAir instruments – RED, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, YELLOWAll hammer-ons and pull-offs – GREEN, GREEN, BLUE, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, YELLOW, GREENContest winner 1 – GREEN, GREEN, RED, RED, YELLOW, RED, YELLOW, BLUEFocus mode – YELLOW, GREEN, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, GREENClean screen mode – GREEN, RED, GREEN, GREEN, YELLOW, GREEN, GREEN, GREENInvisible characters – GREEN, RED, YELLOW, YELLOW, YELLOW, BLUE, BLUE, GREENPerformance mode – YELLOW, YELLOW, BLUE, RED, BLUE, GREEN, RED, RED Cheat modes:Unlock the following cheat modes by performing the following tasks:MODE – HOW TO UNLOCKAuto-kick(Automatically plays kick drum) – Hit 200 non-cymbal notes on “Mirror People” in the Angel’s Crypt venueFocus
Mode(Black background for note “highway”) – Hit 265 tom notes on
“Brainstorm” in The Golden Gate venue as a drummer to unlock Focus mode
at the “Extras” menu.Hud-Free Mode(removes display) – Get an
“Excellent” on 75 consecutive phrases in “Bring The Noise 20XX” as a
vocalist in the Neon Oasis venue to unlock Hud-Free mode at the “Extras”
menu.Performance Mode (Removes track and display) – Get a band
multiplier using 2 or more players for 42 seconds on “Bleed American” in
the Aqueduct venue to unlock Performance mode at the “Extras” menu.All
HOPOs cheat – Whammy sustain notes on “Hurts So Good” for 25 seconds at
the Club Boson venue as a guitarist. When activated, almost all notes
will be changed into a hammer-on/pull-off note. All Slider Gems
cheat – Hit 230 tap notes on “Du Hast” at the Neon Oasis venue as a
guitarist. When activated, all single notes are changed into slider/tap
notes. Air Instruments mode in “Extras” menu – Strum 340 chords on
“Sultans of Swing” at the O’Connel’s Corner venue as a guitarist. In
this mode, instruments will be almost invisible, however the guitar
strings will still be seen. Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by completing the corresponding songs:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKCarlos Santana – Complete “No One To Depend On (Live)”Johnny Cash – Complete “Ring of Fire”Kurt Cobain – Complete “Smells Like Teen Spirit”Matt Bellamy – Complete “Plug in Baby”Shirley Manson – Complete “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”Skeleton – Beat the Platinum or Diamond drum challenge for “Brianstorm”.The Golden God – Beat the Platinum or Diamond challenge for The God Of Rock’s Final Challenge.Shadow – Get a 600 note streak on “Lust For Life (Live)” in Career mode. FrankenRocker – Complete the Diamond challenge on A-Punk on bass in Career mode. Unlockable Costumes:Unlock alternate costumes for the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:COSTUME – HOW TO UNLOCKAxel Steel’s Battle Scar outfit – Beat Medicate ChallengeAxel Steel’s Hog Wild outfit – Beat Send a Little Love Token ChallengeAxel Steel’s Shoulder Blades outfit – Beat Sympathy for the Devil ChallengeCasey Lynch’s Flying Trapeze outfit – Beat Superstition ChallengeCasey Lynch’s Monochrome Maiden outfit – Beat So Lonely ChallengeCasey Lynch’s Sharpshooter outfit – Beat In My Place ChallengeClive Winston’s Deer Scout outfit – Beat Sneak Out ChallengeClive Winston’s Persuader outfit – Beat Blue Orchid ChallengeClive Winston’s Sugar Daddy outfit – Beat Shout It Out Loud ChallengeEddie Knox’s Casual Wednesday outfit – Beat Gamma Ray ChallengeEddie Knox’s Crusier outfit – Beat Make It wit Chu ChallengeEddie Knox’s Suede Spade outfit – Beat Six Days a Week ChallengeIzzy Sparks’s Impresario outfit – Beat Feel Good Inc. ChallengeIzzy Sparks’s Sideshow outfit – Beat Scatterbrain ChallengeIzzy Sparks’s Stiki outfit – Beat Jailbreak ChallengeJohnny Napalm’s 1976 outfit – Beat Judith ChallengeJohnny Napalm’s Generation Zzyzx outfit – Beat Looks That Kill ChallengeJohnny Napalm’s Suburban Snot outfit – Beat Fame ChallengeJudy Nails’s Big Knee Pin outfit – Beat Gratitude ChallengeJudy Nails’s Mall Chic outfit – Beat Runnin’ Down a Dream ChallengeJudy Nails’s The Riot Starts Here outfit – Beat You Give Love a Bad Name ChallengeLars Umlaut’s Grendel outfit – Beat All Along the Watchtower ChallengeLars Umlaut’s Soldier of Farce outfit – Beat In the Meantime ChallengeLars Umlaut’s Valhalla outfit – Beat We’re an American Band ChallengePandora’s Gretel outfit – Beat Steady, As She Goes ChallengePandora’s State of Fluxus outfit – Beat Back Round ChallengePandora’s Strapped outfit – Beat L.A. ChallengeWormhole venue:To
unlock the Wormhole venue in Quickplay mode, get a 4X multiplier for 50
seconds on “Play That Funky Music” as a guitarist in the Sideshow
venue.Hyperspeed:To enable Hyperspeed, go “Quickplay”

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