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XBOX Previews

Syndicate Preview

The remake of Syndicate has a lot of folks out polishing pitchforks, and from what’s been shown so far, Starbreeze has taken some pretty...
XBOX Previews

Mass Effect 3 Preview

There is a tendency among writers of sci-fi/adventure trilogies to bring out the big guns in the last act. I’m using “guns” literally in...
XBOX Previews

Armored Core 5 Preview

Big robots exist to crush things.  This fact is well-known. Armored Core 5 – the latest and greatest in the long-running mech-battle series –...
XBOX Previews

Ridge Racer: Unbounded Preview

Games that put you behind the wheel come in two essential flavors: games that are about driving, and games that are about using your...

Rumour: Xbox 720 Coming 2013

For those who were waiting for some kind of exciting news regarding the Xbox 720 to surface, you are likely to be interested in...